JS&A Control Systems provides the following systems to protect your educational facilities: access control, employee time and attendance and tracking, video surveillance, 2-way radio communications, fire alarm, fire sprinkler, security, alarm monitoring, and visitor tracking,

JS&A now has a unique and proprietary system to protect your students and staff. We are excited to offer the CrisisAlert notification system by Centegix. This system provides immediate notifications to staff, students, and authorities during an emergency. CrisisAlert will act as a force multiplier to your already existing protocols and personnel, giving every staff member the ability to initiate a lockdown, or call for help if they need assistance.

CrisisAlert is installed in over 700 schools throughout 47 districts, protecting over 600,000 students. In addition to campus-wide lockdowns, this system also provides lower level alerts such as medical emergencies, school fights and other needs that may require a response from a staff member or school resource officer. Completely wireless, this system has a quick installation time providing a quicker in-service time. CrisisAlert can integrate with your existing video cameras, two-way radios, and access control systems. JS&A Control Systems has you covered!

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