Parking and Revenue Control Systems

Parking and Revenue Control Systems are real time computerized systems for transient and credentialed customers. Our systems are available with varying levels of functionality and complexity, and allow parking owners and operators to control access, and collect parking revenues from users.

JS&A installs and maintains complete parking and revenue control systems. These systems utilize various access control technologies to gain access to restricted, or reserved parking areas. Some methods of access are card readers, biometric readers, ticket dispensers, and RFID stickers. Our parking management software maintains tight revenue control, and increases your audit capability. Contact a JS&A representative for more information.

JS&A has partnered with Meypar USA as the Value Added Reseller for the State of Texas . Meypar is a Parking Access Control and Revenue System provider currently represented in Spain, Mexico, Central, South America and expanding at a fast pace in the US. They are an Innovative, Efficient, Mobility company that is always looking into the future, and improving the parking world. With new technologies constantly evolving, Meypar has a solution for all its customers, and always maintains an open architecture for future developments. Providing On Premise and Cloud Base Solutions allows Meypar to be Competitive, and gives the customer the freedom to manage their system efficiently. In this New Normal of the epidemic, Meypar also provides true contactless solutions.

JS&A Control Systems has also partnered with FAAC Magnetic USA in Dallas / Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Austin and surrounding areas. Magnetic is the leader in Barrier gates known in the industry for their quality, reliability and speed not to mention they look great. They are the best barrier gates in the market today. Upgrade your Parking facility by getting new and great looking Barrier Gates that you can trust.

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