Alarm Monitoring

Intrusion alarms are used to detect and report unauthorized entry or activity within designated areas and facilities. Control panels are installed in critical areas of a facility or a store to monitor the doors, rooms, hallways and windows for unusual activity or break-in. Typically, keypads are installed in designated areas to conveniently arm/disarm the alarm panels when the facility is opened and closed for the day. Sometimes, card readers or RFID tags are used to arm/disarm these systems. Devices such as door contacts, glass-break sensors, motion detectors, infrared beams, vibration sensors and even video surveillance systems are used to detect unauthorized entry, unusual activity and break-ins. These systems might include local alarm sirens, flashing strobe lights and even voice alerts & instructions. They are most often monitored 24/7 by our off-site central station. JS&A Control Systems also provides panic and hold-up alarm systems.

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